Visit Sharon-Drew Morgen on some of her other sites:  Sharon-Drew’s main site. Includes descriptions of her 8 ground-breaking inventions, over 1000 articles on change, decision making, questions, sales, Buying Facilitation®, listening, and audio files of interviews. The home of the book Dirty Little Secrets that explains the 13 Steps of Change all people go through as they self-identify as buyers. Two sample chapters included. This book is a companion to the book Buying Facilitation®. WHAT? Did you really say what I think I heard? breaks down how brains listen. From incoming sound vibrations to deletions to signals; from signals to dispatch to circuits; from circuits and more deletions to what we ‘hear’. WHAT? is a thrilling romp to break down all misconceptions of communication, and what to do about it. Do you know how to change a behavior permanently? Or pose questions that help clients discover their full set of criteria for decision making? HOW? Generating new neural circuits for learning, behavior change, and decision making is a ground-breaking compilation of ideas, models, and processes that teach readers how to use the mind-brain connection for values-based change.